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Emelie de Wagt

Emelie de Wagt

Head of Health and CO

Responsible for the management and development of policy work and engagement in Health and CO Safety

Emelie joined Policy Connect in April 2018 and is the Head of Health & CO. Emelie primarily manages the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group and oversees the development of policy work and engagement in Health & CO activities across Policy Connect.  

Prior to joining the team and moving to the UK, Emelie worked in a policy role with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she represented and coordinated the Netherlands' position on several occasions at the Council Prepatory Bodies under the specialised thematic and geogaphical working groups. Emelie has co-authored  'Recommendations for Green Growth and an Effective Mobility System in 2030' whilst working for the European Sustainable transport organisation in Brussels promoting active travel and the decarbonisation of transport. Speaking five languages, Emelie's policy background has equipped her to lead the health team from strength to strength. Emelie holds a MA in Global Ethics/Political Philosophy from King’s College London, BA in International Relations from the University of Groningen, and completed a Political Science exchange abroad to UniversitĂ© de Sherbrook in Canada.

In her spare time, Emelie loves exploring London by bike, trying new cuisines, travelling, and learning as many languages as she can.

 - All-Party Parliamentary Health Group 

- All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide (CO) Group 

- Other Policy Connect Health and CO research projects

0207 202 8574