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Technology 'Topol' Review, Workforce and Health Questions

Technology 'Topol' Review, Workforce and Health Questions

18th February 2019

Last week's meeting with Dr Eric Topol on his Technology 'Topol' Review Report was nicely summarized by APHG Chair Helen Whately MP. In one sentence - his excellent report is about how the NHS workforce can best use the potential of Artificial Intelligence, genomics, digital medicine and robotics to give clinicians the gift of time to better realise the potential of prevention through personal care.

To put the Topol Report's recommendations in practice, its findings will be taken into account in drafting the NHS Workforce Implementation Plan led by Baroness Dido Harding. The particular working group tasked to consider the workforce challenge of 'technology skills and enablement' is chaired by Sir David Behan, Chief Executive of Health Education England (HEE), and is picking up the Topol Report as well as looking at other non-clinical workforce areas where technology will have an impact. 

For those who want to learn even more about Artificial Intelligence and medicine - have a look here for further research and publications by Dr Topol in this area. 

This week not many healthcare-related debates are scheduled in Parliament with the exception of tomorrow. Tomorrow Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock will be questioned during Health and Social Care question time and will the NHS Ten Year Plan be debated. For the full Parliamentary agenda, please scroll down to 'the week ahead week in Parliament'. 

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to a consultation by Public Health England (PHE). As part of their 3-year review PHE is looking for feedback on their Public Health Outcomes Framework. Read more about it here, the consultation closes on 22 February.