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Tech and People: Topol Review, Kark Review and AMR

Tech and People: Topol Review, Kark Review and AMR

11th February 2019

Today Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock gave a speech 'I care about tech because I care about people' following the publication of the Topol Review  by Health Education England earlier today. The Technology 'Topol' Review looks at genomics, digital medicines, AI and robotics and their potential to improve healthcare in England. Both Matt Hancock and the Prime Minister have asked Baroness Dido Harding to build upon the Topol Review's recommendations in the development of the NHS Workforce Implementation Plan. Because, as Matt Hancock said in the speech: 'For tech to succeed, for tech to fulfil its potential and deliver on its promise, then human beings are absolutely critical to making it happen. We need a culture change as much as we need a technological change.'

I am very pleased to hear from Dr Topol himself about his report findings and next steps during his address to the APHG tomorrow in Parliament. A summary will be available on request for those who cannot attend and if you would like to read the full Report, please find the link to download it here.

In his speech today and at other occasions Matt Hancock stresses the importance of the right leadership. He did as well last week Wednesday when he spoke at the Royal Society of Medicine following the publication of the Kark Review of the fit and proper person test. He spoke about the need to strengthen NHS leadership and hold them to account properly to improve patient safety and create the right culture for staff and patients. Read his full speech here. Also the Kark Review will be considered by Baroness Dido Harding in drafting the NHS Workforce Implementation Plan. 

Last week Dame Sally Davies announced that she will step down as Chief Medical Officer at the end of September this year. I am delighted that we will be hearing from her before she takes up her new role as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. On 12th March, the APHG will hear from Dame Sally on a topic she is best known for, her international and domestic fight against antimicrobial resistance. We look forward to hearing more on her views on the recently published AMR Strategy

Finally, as the February half-term Parliamentary recess next week has been cancelled, you shall be finding this weekly news update on our website next week as per usual.

Have a lovely week.

Best wishes,

Emelie de Wagt

Health Policy Manager, Policy Connect

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