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Prevention is better than cure & Brexit Bill: Reciprocal Healthcare

Prevention is better than cure & Brexit Bill: Reciprocal Healthcare

12th November 2018

Following up on one of the three priorities the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care set out to do last July, Mr Hancock set out his vision for prevention in his speech and this policy paper last Friday - prevention is better than cure:

''The mission is to ensure that people can enjoy at least five extra, healthy independent years of life by 2035, while narrowing the gap between the experience of richest and the poorest.''

In a the policy document of three chapters: 1) Why prevention matters and the case for change, 2) Government’s vision for preventing problems from arising in the first place, and 3) The prevention vision for those already living with a health or social care need and how they can live longer – Mr Hancock emphasises that we all have a responsibility and role to play.

He also highlighted the crucial role of prevention in ensuring the NHS is sustainable in the long term and argued that we will see a large proportion of the £20.5 billion spent on primary and community care in the NHS Long Term Plan to be published next month. See the latest stakeholder update on the Plan here.

''We need to focus more on prevention to transform our health and social care system, save money, eliminate waste and make the extra £20.5 billion we’re putting in go as far as it can.''

This week Wednesday is the 2nd reading of the Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill 2017-19, one in the ‘Brexit Bills’ series. The Bill was introduced to the Commons last month and aims to allow the UK to maintain reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the EU and its Member States post-Brexit. For more details, read the House of Commons Library briefing here.

And finally, I’d like to invite you all to get involved and suggest what the Science and Technology Committee should explore next according to you. If you'd like to answer the Committees call, you can submit your  200-word inquiry proposals here.

Have a great week,

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Emelie de Wagt

APHG and Health Policy Manager, Policy Connect

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