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Party Conferences - NHS app and Social Care Green Paper

Party Conferences - NHS app and Social Care Green Paper

17th September 2018

With Parliament in recess and returning Tuesday on 9th October, most MPs will spend this time in their constituencies and party conferences.

The Conservatives will hold theirs from 30 September – 3 October in Birmingham, Labour from 23 – 26 September in Liverpool, the Liberal Democrats from 15 – 18 September in Brighton, the Green Party from 5 – 7 October in Bristol and the SNP from 7th – 9th October in Glasgow.

In the meantime, Matt Hancock’s enthusiasm and endorsement for the nationwide introduction of the NHS App by the end of this year, which he announced in his speech at the NHS expo, caused criticism for being untested and failing to spot the onset of serious medical problems. Read the full article by Billy Kenber and Kat Lay here in The Times.

Also, Mr Hancock gave the Telegraph an indication of the Governments position on the forthcoming Social Care Green Paper by mentioning that ‘a radical new system of insurance to fund care is being considered’.

We will be back on Monday 8th October, I hope you all have a wonderful conference recess.

Best regards,

Emelie de WagtAPHG and Health Manager, Policy Connect