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NHS Sustainability; Genomics and Brexit

NHS Sustainability; Genomics and Brexit

25th March 2019

I hope you all enjoyed participating in last week's annual NHS Sustainability day and cycled to work, reduced paper usage, cut meat from the patient (and your own) menu or did something else to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable development in the NHS. Because, as is mentioned in the NHS Long Term Plan: 'The NHS has a wider role to play in influencing the shape of local communities' and that the 'NHS is leading by example in sustainable development and reducing use of natural resource in line with government commitments.' If you want to read the whole paragraph and further details, see page 119 - 120 of the Plan here. I look forward to reading more about this in the 'Putting Health into Place' guidelines after its (expected) publication this spring as announced in the Plan.

Also last week, the Government published its response to the Science and Technology Committee Report on Energy drinks and children and the Health Secretary wrote in the Times and gave a speech at the Royal Society on diagnostic genomics, ethics and (controversially) his own test results. 

Tomorrow we will hear more from the Health Secretary during Health and Social Care Oral Question time at 11.30am which you can watch live here. After the Oral Questions, Matt Hancock will speak on the Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill (changed to Healthcare (European Economic Area and Switzerland Arrangements) Bill: Programme (No. 2)

Finally, as 29 March is only a few days away and if you would like to refresh your knowledge on what this could mean for UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK vis-a-vis healthcare, please find here the latest updated government advice with links to more specific information. Also useful may be to read Health Minister Stephen Hammond MP's Ministerial Statement here.

For more information on what health-related debates will take place next week in Parliament or what health-questions have been asked last week, please get in touch and subscribe to our Parliamentary monitoring bulletin.

Have a lovely week. 

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