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NHS Long Term Plan Inquiry, NICE Briefing, Health Questions

NHS Long Term Plan Inquiry, NICE Briefing, Health Questions

21st January 2019

After everyone has had some time to read and make a first analysis of the NHS Long Term Plan published 2 weeks ago, the Health and Social Care Committee pushed on with their inquiry on Budget and the NHS Long Term Plan.

Last Tuesday, they heard evidence from the Health Foundation, Nuffield Trust, The King's Fund, NHS Confederation, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners, National Association of Primary Care and the Local Government Association on the Budget and NHS Long Term Plan. Read here the full transcript of the session (47 pages - but definitely worth a read in its entirety), but I would like to highlight some of the topics and questions discussed (this list is not complete nor in a particular order):

  • Gaps in the priorities set out by the Long Term Plan.

  • Whether the focus of the plan is right - primary care and community care?

  • Concerns about the impact of Brexit on the delivery of the NHS 10-year plan.

  • Views on the consultation process and levels of buy-in across the NHS to the plan

  • How deliverable the plan is within the promised funding, what issues might have been de-prioritised in order to make it work, and what will have to be delivered in the spending review to make it work?

  • The issue of transformation funding and backlog of maintenance. 

  • Workforce pressures and the implementation plan around workforce. 

  • Models and systems used in the plan to reduce (future) demand.

  • Delivery mechanisms, new models of care

  • Social Care

  • Prevention and Health Care Inequalities

  • Cross-governmental action

  • Legislative changes

  • Targets

  • Diffusion of technology

A great deal of matters remain to be discussed and will inform our upcoming APHG meeting agenda.

On the same day of the oral evidence session was Health and Social Care Question Time where Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock answered a wide range of questions from MPs which you can all read back in the Parliamentary Monitoring section of this bulletin. 

Also last week was our APHG briefing with Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive of NICE. With NICE's 20th anniversary of coming up soon, Sir Andrew discussed the organisation's transformation and interesting space it occupies trying to triangulate a position well-rooted in evidence between those with stewardship at a national level, the life sciences community and the public. He answered questions from attendees and explained that NICE is embarking upon a further transformation, namely to present its work in ways much more recognisable for people living with conditions and people who are responsible for providing care and treatment to those patients. A summary will be available.

Tomorrow in Parliament, I would like to draw your attention to two inquiries: one on Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Scrutiny 2017 - 18 and another one-off session on Suicide prevention: follow-up. Watch both live on

I wish you all a lovely week.

Best wishes,

Emelie de Wagt

Health Policy Manager, Policy Connect

020 72028580