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NHS England & Improvement Working Closer Together: New Legislative Proposals and Simon Stevens as Chief Exec of both

NHS England & Improvement Working Closer Together: New Legislative Proposals and Simon Stevens as Chief Exec of both

4th March 2019

In their 'NHS Long Term Plan: 'Legislative proposals inquiry' the Health and Social Care Committee will be scrutinising the suggested legislative proposals put forward by the NHS to facilitate the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. And also on Friday, HSJ announced that Ian Dalton steps down as Chief Executive of NHS Improvement and Matthew Swindels' post as NHS England deputy chief has been disbanded as Simon Stevens will be chief executive of both NHS England and NHS Improvement, supported by a chief operating officer. I refer you all to today's excellentCowper's Cut to put this all in a larger context and what it means for the NHS.

If after reading the legislative proposals you would also like to have a say, you can respond to this NHS call for views until 25th April. Your responses will help develop a set of final recommendations by the NHS to ministers and Parliament later in 2019. Another way of getting involved in the delivery of the Long Term Plan could be by expressing your interest to becoming a member of the new NHS Assembly - which you can do until midday 6 March. Chairing this Assembly to 'support and challenge' are Dr Clare Gerada (clinical chair) and Prof Sir Chris Ham (non-clinical). 

In Parliament, the Science and Technologies' efforts to widen their external engagement through their  'My Science Inquiry' has led to the selection of four inquiries, amongst which 'commercial genomics' - pitched by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 'ensuring secure digital innovation' by the University of Bristol, and 'wearable technology' by Cancer Research UK, just to name a few. I will keep you updated on when these will be launched in future bulletins. 

In addition to the Science and Technologies' report, the Health and Social Care Committee also published its awaited 'First 1000 days of life' Commitee report. Amongst the conclusions and recommendations are: Government needs to consider the needs of vulnerable families in all policies; more ambitious plans by local authorities on how to improve and deliver support; a revised Healthy Child Programme; devoting more resources; leadership and targeted support. Read all from page 39 onward. 

On Rare Disease Day 2019 last week, Government marked the day by publishing the UK strategy for rare diseases: 2019 update to the implementation plan for England (which was published in January 2018). The update was launched by Parliamentary Under Secretary of StateBaroness Nicola Blackwood - read her full (and personal) 'we must bring an end to the diagnositc odyssey of rare diseases' speech.

Finally, with less health-items scheduled in the Parliamentary calendar, next week could allow for some time to process last week's big developments. Nonetheless, tomorrow and on Thursday the Commons' Select Committee's do focus on some important health-topics. Subscribe to our weekly Parliamentary Monitoring Bulletin and have a look if it is relevant to you.

Have a lovely week. 

Best wishes,

Emelie de Wagt

Health Policy Manager

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