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New Public Health Minister; NHS legislative proposals; Brexit

New Public Health Minister; NHS legislative proposals; Brexit

29th March 2019


Because I am not in the office next Monday and to keep up with the fast moving developments that happened this week - Brexit delayed at least until 12 April after Parliament defeated the Government motion on the Withdrawal Agreement today, an emergency European Council Summit announced on 10 April, Public Health Minister Steve Brine MP's resignation [edit 4/4/2019: scroll down to see who the new one is!] to support Sir Oliver Letwin's amendment on 'indicative votes', which took place on Wednesday and will continue on Monday and potentially on Wednesday (not confirmed) to find an alternative to the PM's deal, and the announcement of the NHS Assembly. I am pleased to send you all for a second time this week our APHG monitoring bulletin on this sunny Friday afternoon instead of the usual time on Monday.

Besides Brexit, yes, or Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaking about Brexit, he also answered MPs questions about Health and Social Care (see all topics discussed in our Parliamentary Monitoring bulletin - subscribe my emailing me on 

I would also like to highlight the letter from former Public Health Minister Steve Brine confirming Public Health England's (PHE) role and priorities for the financial year 2019 to 2020. Referencing the Government's strategy on Prevention - Prevention is Better than Cure - and the NHS Long Term Plan, the letter sets out to focus on, amongst other, the following public health priorities: Leaving the EU, Prevention Green Paper, Predictive Prevention, Childhood Obesity, Antimicrobial Resistance, Screening etc. (for a full list of 14 and further explanation please read the letter). 

Finally, for next week, I look forward to hearing experts on the legislative proposals put forward by the NHS to facilitate a faster and easier implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan. If you too would like to learn more about this, be sure to listen to the Health and Social Care Committee's Oral Evidence Session on Tuesday 2 April at 2.45 pm. 

Have a lovely weekend, or if you read this Monday, have a great first week of April. 

Best wishes,Emelie

Health Policy Manager

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[edit 4/4/2019: Seema Kennedy MP is the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care following Steve Brine MP's resignation]