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Matt Hancock debut: £20bn settlement 'contingent' on the NHS adopting the best technology

Matt Hancock debut: £20bn settlement 'contingent' on the NHS adopting the best technology

23rd July 2018

The new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care held his first speech last Friday at West Suffolk Hospital, outlining his early priorities.

Mr Hancock - as he tweeted the night before his speech - will focus on 3 early priorities across Health & Social Care: Workforce, Technology and Prevention. Mr Hancock spoke about his desire to modernise NHS management; e.g. less of a division between management and clinical staff, and more diversity in the NHS leadership community to reflect the wider workforce.

He will launch a consultation exercise on workforce issues and set up a panel of clinical and professional advisers to put the workforce’s voice ‘at the heart of government’.  

On technologyBen Heather of the HSJ summarised the key messages: the £20bn settlement is 'contingent' on deploying modernising technology, that the NHS needs to reverse the tendency for technology to increase costs and that that new funding shouldn't be consumed by provider debt. Hancock also announced his plan to boost technological innovation in the NHS and announced the £412m technology fund for STPs.  

Prevention means to Mr Hancock: ‘Keeping people healthy and treating their problems quickly; Empowering people by giving them the tools they need to manage their own physical and mental health needs closer to home; Delivering care in the right place in settings that suit them and their needs.’ 

We hope to hear more about his views tomorrow during the Health and Social Care oral questions and the 2.30pm Oral Evidence Session by the Health and Social Care Select Committee on 'Work of the Secretary of State'.

Other news from last week - in relation to Brexit - Parliament has voted with a majority of 4 votes to accept Dr. Phillip Lee MP’s amendment to the Trade Bill that requires Government to make continued UK participation in the EU/EEA medicines regulatory network, incl. EMA, a negotiating objective in EU trade discussions. 

With the Houses rising this Tuesday, we wish all MPs, Peers and their staff a wonderful summer!

Best regards,

Emelie de Wagt