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Future planning: End HIV 2030, NHS LTP, Children's Mental Health and 5-year GP deal

Future planning: End HIV 2030, NHS LTP, Children's Mental Health and 5-year GP deal

4th February 2019

Last week Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced in a speech to end HIV transmissions by 2030. Hancock made the announcement in his speech at the AIDSfree Cities Global Forum. At the same forum spoke also Penny Mordaunt, Secretary of State for International development, who vowed her support for Sustainable Development Goal 3.3: Fight communicable diseases. 

Also last week was the second part of the Health and Social Care Select Committee's inquiry into the Budget and NHS long-term plan. Last Monday they heard evidence from Matt Hancock, Prof Ian Cumming (HEE), Ian Dalton (NHS Improvement) and Simon Stevens (NHS England) about whether the plan can be delivered (especially without knowing what is in the Social Care Green Paper - expected now before April -, the Workforce Implementation Plan or certain budgets). Key issues were workforce and the implementation framework. For those who would like a quick reminder what was in the long-term plan please read this excellent long read from the King's Fund 'NHS Long Term Plan explained' or please see below a brief overview of both issues: 

  • As to workforce, Chair of NHS Improvement Dido Harding will lead and Julian Hartley from Leeds Teaching Hospitals will oversee the working groups working on the Workforce Implementation Plan. Ian Dalton mentioned that here will be an interim report published in March that outlines actions needed with a specific focus on 2019-20. A full, costed and detailed analysis will be in the final report that takes into account the Spending Review once published.

  • In regards to the Implementation Framework, this is set out to be published in Spring, most likely April. After its publication organisations will frame their local implementation plans from their own local starting points. These plans will be put together after the publication of the Spending Review into a national implementation framework. 

Amongst other topics discussed were transformation and improvement; clinical standards; the 100,000 Genomes Project; mental health services; Commissioning and Integrated Care Systems; capital to revenue transfers; priorities in Brexit-scenario's; social care; the shift from hospital to primary and community care; dental care; prevention, public health and health inequalities; digital; primary care networks; and many others. Read the full transcript here.

More Health and Social Care Committee news as the Government published its response to the Committee's Inquiry report on 'Childhood Obesity: Time for action', and responded to each of the following areas: a whole systems approach; marketing and advertising; price promotions; early years and schools; takeaways; fiscal measures; labelling; support for children living with obesity. The Government's response addresses each of these area's.

Announced today on the first day of Children's Mental Health Week by the Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds was the children mental health trial to be held in 370 schools. For more information on what the Health and Social Care Select Committees recommended in this area, read their report from July 2018 and the Government's response here

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the 5-year GP deal published last week and would like to suggest to have a read through all the health-related Private Members Bills listed to be discussed this Friday for your reference. 

Have a lovely week.

Best wishes,

Emelie de Wagt

Health Policy Manager, Policy Connect

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