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Budget analysis and debates & NHS violence reduction strategy & Prevention vision

Budget analysis and debates & NHS violence reduction strategy & Prevention vision

5th November 2018

After a week of debating the Budget and its confirmation of the funding announced last June, we finally know how it will be financed. As the Office for Budget Responsibility’s Report states, the NHS settlement will be ‘financed entirely through borrowing’. The OBR’s analysis also elaborates on the consequences and reasons for this.

This useful short piece by Anita Charlesworth provides more insights into the wider effects of the Budget for health. And read all of the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ budget analysis here– or if you don’t have time read the summarizing tweet IFS’ Director Paul Johnson.

In the Budget Resolution debate last Tuesday, Matt Hancock MP confirmed that ‘the £20.5 billion real-terms funding for the NHS in the budget is for the NHS itself and will be channelled through NHS England.’ He elaborated by saying that Budgets in the Department outside of the NHS envelope, ‘will be settled in the spending review’. Both Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Jonathan Ashworth MP and Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, emphasise the need for transparency in health spending and to take a whole system as well as a long-term view.

In other non-Budget news, Matt Hancock announced the NHS violence reduction strategy in his speech on Wednesday at the Royal College of Nursing. And today the Department for Health and Social Care published its vision on Prevention ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Finally, tomorrow afternoon the Health and Social Care Committee will hold its first evidence session on the ‘First 1000 days of life’ inquiry. Both Houses will be in recess from Wednesday onwards and will sit again on Monday 12th November.

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