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The All-Party Parliamentary Health Group (APHG) is dedicated to disseminating knowledge, generating debate and facilitating engagement with health issues amongst Members of both Houses of Parliament.

The APHG comprises members of all political parties, it provides information with balance and impartiality and it focuses on local as well as national health issues. It is recognised as one of the preferred sources of information on health in Parliament.  

How We Work

We inform and engage parliamentarians in three key ways:

  • The organisation of briefings and seminars, addressing, and providing information on, major developments in the health and social care sectors;
  • Producing information resorces on health, including a comprehensive regular Parliamentary E-Bulletin, which records key developments in the health sector - both at Westminster, in Whitehall and in the wider health sector;
  • Developing initiatives designed to help MPs engage more actively with health care services in their own constituencies.


The APHG's agenda is set by its all-party team of elected Parliamentary Officers in consultation with its distinguished Advisory Panel, and delivered by a dedicated Secretariat.

The Group is supported by an Associate Membership of 15 of the UK's leading organisations working in the health sector, who offer a valued insight into present developments in the healthcare sector. Associate members pay an annual subscription fee and collectively these fees provide the APHG with an independent source of funding.

By acting as a forum for discussion and a vehicle for the dissemination of information, we enable parliamentarians, policymakers and the wider health sector, to play a full part in dicussing how to improve health and care services. If you would like to become involved with the APHG's activities please contact us.

Transparency and Scrutiny

The APHG is committed to ensuring its activities, membership and funding are entirely transparent. The Group is an official 'All-Party Group'. We are an impartial forum for discussion and debate of health policy between parliamentarians, health policy experts, the NHS, industry and patient groups. Under no circumstances does the APHG endorse, support, lobby for, or campaign on behalf of, any organisation. 

The Group operates according to a strict Code of Governance. The Group is funded through annual membership fees from its (non-parliamentary) Associate Members. The APHG's agenda is set by its Parliamentary Officers; as such, the Group's Associate Members do not have voting rights within the Group and cannot dictate its activities. The Group's entry on the official Parliamentary Register of All-Party Groups, including full details of the Group’s funding, can be viewed here

In July 2014 the Committee on Standards notified all registered groups of new rules which came into effect in March 2015. The requirements, which will apply to all All-Party Parliamentary Groups, can be found here.

Please download the result from the most recent AGM, held on 17 July 2018, which includes the official financial statement of the All-Party Parliamentary Health Group for 2017/18, here.

The APHG is administered by Policy Connect, a cross-party, non-profit think tank based in Southwark. Policy Connect is entirely committed to upholding the principle of transparency in UK parliamentary and public affairs and welcomes any questions you may have on its work and activities.



Please note: This is not an official website of the House of Commons or House of Lords. It has not been approved either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in these web pages are those of the group.